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An Introduction to Vaping for Those Looking to Quit Smoking

by Lee Mark

The harsh reality of today’s demands on day-to-day life means an increasing number of people are now considering quitting smoking cigarettes. One viable form of nicotine replacement is vaping, which is seeing a meteoric rise as people shift towards a healthier, more cost-effective form of nicotine. This short piece will inform you about vaping for the beginner, the specific vape devices you might choose, and the various tasty e-liquids on the market. We will also look at the technological improvements with some of the more involved vaping devices.

Where To Start?

All vape devices use an easy-to-use system of a small tank which is filled with e-liquid; inside the tank is a wick with a cotton core that soaks up the liquid; when heated using power from an internal battery, the e-liquid is then turned into a vapour. These basic principles are the same for all vape devices, but with some differences with the more advanced machines. E-liquid, vapour juice and vape juice are all names for the liquid used in vape devices. Available in literally hundreds of different flavours, it is a combination of four different components. These are –

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – is a thicker liquid sourced from plant oils such as Coconut and Palm oil.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) is a thin liquid used in foods and medicines; it is a great carrier of flavour.
  • Food-based flavourings – these are the food industry staples used in everyday products.

The fourth ingredient is nicotine; most commonly, this is pre-mixed into a complete and ready-to-use e-liquid. Vaping liquids come in a range of different nicotine strengths, enabling the user to steadily reduce their nicotine intake if they choose. Later on, you might choose to mix your own e-liquid. To do this, you can buy e-liquid minus the nicotine; this is called shortfill e-liquid, and to this, you add the nicotine element, called the shot or Nic shots.

Choosing A Vape Device?

Starter vaping devices are easy to use; you fill them with e-liquid, power them up and vape away. More advanced machines have other features, such as variable power settings, but the process remains the same. An excellent starting point for the new vaper is a disposable vape pen or pod, already pre-filled with e-liquid and charged with enough power to vape the amount of liquid in the tank it is used and then thrown away. They are easy to use and give the beginner a taste of what vaping has to offer; they’re also fairly cheap, costing around the same price as a single packet of cigarettes.

Vaping Technology Is Always Producing New Products

Vape devices such as the latest development Vape pods have adjustable power settings and variable wattage and are an option for the vaper looking to progress on to the latest in vaping tech. The vape pods swap the traditional tank design for a switchable pod. They are refillable, enabling the vaper to switch between different e-liquid flavours easily. Once the coil is finished, the pod is swapped for a new one, rather than changing the coil as needed in a normal tank-designed vape device.

Armed with this helpful information, you can now confidently choose the direction your vaping journey takes you, happy vaping.

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