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Benefits of a Direct Mount Ceiling Grid

by Lee Mark

There are several ceiling choices available, from tile to drywall, and you can choose the material that best meets your unique requirements. One of the most common ceiling options is a direct mount ceiling grid. These simple-to-install solutions are ideal for new buildings and renovation projects alike and can be used for both residential and commercial construction.

Fast Installation

A direct mount ceiling installation will almost always go more quickly than that of a dropped ceiling. To install a level dropped ceiling, you have to hang cables at the ideal length with precise measurements. After that, you must mount the Armstrong ceiling grid tiles to the hanging wires, but no fiddling with wiring is necessary when using a direct mount ceiling; just install the grid to the ceiling!

Almost every time, mounting drywall will take longer than installing a direct mount ceiling. For drywall ceilings, mounting, mud-and-taping, a textured finish, and painting are all required steps. Alternatively, you simply install the ceiling and start enjoying it immediately with a direct mount system!

Keep a High Ceiling

Overhead space is one of the main benefits of employing a direct mount ceiling grid rather than a hanging or dropped ceiling grid. With a hanging or dropped ceiling grid, the grid is fastened on wires that dangle down between six and eight inches. As a result, once the installation is complete, you will have significantly less overhead space.

If the ceiling of your room is already low, this can be a problem. A direct mount ceiling will be significantly more useful, especially if you are finishing a basement, because you might not have much height to give up.

Can Be Used to Cover Older Ceilings

Sometimes it’s necessary to cover older ceilings. Maybe the drywall’s texture or painting was done improperly. Perhaps the ceiling has significant dings or holes. Whatever the reason, direct-mount drywall can swiftly cover the space and provide you with a clean, tidy ceiling of professional calibre.

These thin ceilings are ideal covers for drywall, wood, or metal ceilings, among other ceiling materials. Depending on the material, you may need to buy specialised fastening screws, but they provide a solid replacement for the current ceiling.

Keep Utilities Access

Because they need to keep access to the pipes, wiring, and HVAC components that run through the basement ceiling, many homeowners opt for dropped ceilings. They decide to stay away from drywall since it is a permanent installation.

But with a direct mount ceiling, you still have easy access to these components, so you or a contractor can access them as needed. In other words, you get the utility access of a dropped ceiling and the overhead space of a drywall ceiling!

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