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Types of PPE Kits and Their Significance in Infection Prevention

by Lee Mark

Post Covid-19 the ppe kit has gained quite great importance. But its usage is not just restricted for protection against the Covid signs or the other person. Rather, it does hold some industrial importance as well. There are so many healthcare experts who rely on PPE kits for many reasons. This type of personal protective equipment focuses on protecting the individual and the respective patients against the spread of infectious disease, germs, or such illness. However, with the increasing pandemic crises like coronavirus and even wildfire, the PPE has been in demand more than ever.

Understanding PPE for the Coronavirus

Over the past 2 years, coronavirus has certainly taken the lives of many people. But it has also changed the regular living of humans. It is quite challenging for many people to take care of the respective patients without a ppe kit especially when the patients have turned out to be positive. Considering the safety, such a kit works as an effective resource. It is important to use and then through such equipment after 1 usage because the risk is quite high of spreading at all the time.

Reason to use the PPE kit all the time

As time is passing, it is important for people to take very good care of their health because of the coronavirus risk. People certainly are following the norms like avoiding stepping out but it is also important to ensure all possible precautionary measures like using a ppe kit are taken. Since they are available easily in the market, it should not be challenging for people to have a stock well upgraded with such kits. This option is one of the safest choices that would reduce the body contact risk with a virus or any patient who is infected with it. That is why carrying it all the time is extremely important while going out.

Different PPE kits to know:

  • Face Masks

The primary reason why a face mask is advised especially during the covid times is that the coronavirus easily spreads from one person to another and respiratory signs are the common one. This includes the dry coughing which primarily spreads with the saliva droplets or any nose discharge when the person is infected with either sneer or coughs. That is why it is important to have one of the crucial PPE kits which is the face mask. It helps to protect the person from spreading the infection to anyone around them. It certainly helps in covering the sneeze or cough and ensures that the droplets don’t affect the other fit person. This way the face mask keeps the discharge entirely contained while protecting people who are around.

  • Gloves

Another essential PPE kit is the gloves. As per the national institute of health, it has been found that coronavirus can remain on the surface for quite some time. It is quite like the SARS virus. Whether it is stainless steel or plastic, the traces of this virus can stay available for the next 3 days even after exposure. This is simply because this kind of virus is not actually alive and may not necessarily kill simply by applying the disinfectant surface. However, with the help of safety gloves, the hands stay protected from getting exposed to the virus on the surface. Hands are something that every human needs to use for one or another reason. Since the virus can live without any requirement of the host for quite some time but when it comes to spreading, it can spread through the touch easily.


The name itself suggests how valuable it is to have a quality ppe kit. But those who don’t have the knowledge on which brand is the right choice must speak with the healthcare expert on this personally. The professionals in today’s time are looking forward to reducing the risk of any illness spread across humans using the PPE kit. Besides, even healthcare workers focus on taking precautionary measures while checking the patients so the possible risk of spreading the illness reduces. With the chances of fatal infection spreading across all over, there is no doubt that a PPE kit can certainly be a blessing for many people.

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