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What is an LEI code application?

by Lee Mark

LEI is an acronym that stands for Legal Entity Identifier. It is a 20-digit numeric code that is used to identify a legal entity in a global database. Each entity is given a unique code. This 20-digit code aids in that particular entity’s identification on a global level. Following the Global Financial Crisis, the LEI code application was created as a fundamental measure to improve the quality and accuracy of financial data systems for improved risk management. The LEI code is a unique identifying code issued to financial transaction participants.

Importance of LEI

It connects to essential reference data, allowing for the unambiguous and distinct identification of legal organizations involved in financial transactions. Each LEI offers information on a company’s ownership structure. Simply said, the LEI data pool, which is open to the public, may be thought of as a worldwide directory that considerably improves transparency.


Having an LEI code is frequently mandated by law, and it is a prerequisite in many nations and businesses.

Companies who engage in financial transactions are obliged to report on completed transactions and will need to use an LEI to identify market participants.


All applicants transacting in Over-the-Counter (OTC) Derivative Markets, Large Corporate Borrowers, and Non-Derivative Market players who meet the eligibility conditions are currently covered by the LEI code’s application.


Entities dealing in OTC derivatives markets are not eligible to transact without a valid LEI code. Borrowers who do not obtain LEI codes will not be granted renewal/enhancement of credit facilities. Entities dealing in non-derivative markets transactions will not be able to undertake financial transactions.


The validity of the LEI Code is for a period of one year from the date of issuance or last renewal.

Benefits of LEI

The benefits of the Global LEI Index to the broader business community rise in lockstep with the rate of LEI adoption. Firms are encouraged to participate in the process and obtain their own LEI in order to reap the benefits of entity identification throughout financial markets and beyond. It is simple to obtain an LEI.


It can help you demonstrate to your customers who you are and that you are a legitimate business that has successfully registered with the LEI database, boosting your worldwide credibility. It may make international commerce a lot easier, and it can help you create trust with your customers, investors, and suppliers.

Your worldwide identifier is the LEI code. The LEI code is a live link to your company’s identity record. The LEI is a necessary identification for cross-border transactions. LEI improves credibility on a local and global scale.

Global identifier

LEIs provide for better identification and data sharing, lowering costs and speeding up corporate operations. Of course, proper due diligence is still required; a single number will not address all Know Your Business needs. However, LEI is another useful tool for companies to ensure the clients can trust their business partnerships. LEI is a global “entity” directory.

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