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How to Secure Your Safety from Death Threats

by Lee Mark

When you hold a big and important job like being the CEO of a multinational company, government cabinet official or a high-profile politician, you are more prone to receiving various kinds of threats throughout your life. These threats can be a prank, but it pays to take every single one seriously. You do not ever wholly know whether or not these threats are harmless or extremely violent. You should prepare yourself immediately and see how you can secure your safety.

Here are ways how:

  1. Assess the threat

Analyse the situation well. If you receive a death threat, think. Why are you being threatened? What did you recently do? Did you directly or indirectly anger anyone in your life? Have you recently fired an employee? Think hard and consider every possibility. Next, look at the note. It may clue you in on who is threatening your life. Afterward, you should see how serious the threat is to your wellbeing. Is it an urgent threat? You can know this by the way the whole note is worded.

Check if the intimidators are asking you for anything. You might consider giving them what they want to end it. After all, your life is the most important consideration.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings

Always look around you and see if there is trouble approaching. It would be best if you limit your interactions with others as much as possible.

  1. Report it to the police

Talk to the proper authorities so that they can help secure your safety. Tell them everything and do not leave out any detail. They will put you under surveillance so that they can help you eliminate the threat.

  1. Hire a security detail

Your safety should be your priority. You should not make any rash moves. When you do not know how to secure yourself, hire a professional. A security detail will not only make sure you are always safe but will also orient you in the proper protocol so that you can act quickly and remain rationally calm. They will point out potential escape routes you can use to flee when a threat comes.

  1. Inform someone

For the time being, you should always tell someone of your plans, including where you will be located at any given time. But, only inform those you truly trust like your family, relatives or close friends. Tell them to check on you periodically and to call the police if they do not hear from you for an extended period.

  1. Learn how to defend yourself

Do not stay helpless. The greatest thing you can do is learn defensive skills and fighting techniques. You should enrol in a self-defence class to know which body parts to aim for first if you are accosted.

These are the things you can do so that you can handle death threats quickly and decisively. Be smart about it and do not endanger yourself further. Check out A2 Global Security Risk Management to get more tips on how to deal with dangerous situations.

Image: Pixabay.com

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